Steel Work Hire from Haines Construction

Parlour Buildings Case Study

Customer: Sharcott Pennings Farm, Wilcot

We have also successfully completed (from start to finish) Dairy Farm developments, the latest being a 400-head dairy farm including various farm buildings, Bio-plant and automated Milking parlour.

The scope of work included the following items:

  1. Enabling works and the formation of new access roadway
  2. Groundworks to form substructures and service yard, with new retaining walls to accommodate revised levels
  3. Steel portal frame structure
  4. External roofing and cladding
  5. External and internal doors
  6. Internal finishes including Rotary Milking Parlour
  7. Mechanical and Electrical installations
  8. Service and drainage connections
  9. Works to the AD Plant
  10. Landscaping

Project Value: £3m

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