Steel Work Hire from Haines Construction

Industrial / Commercial Case Study

Customer: Robinson Property Ltd

Location: Viscount Way South Marston Swindon

Completion: May 2017

This project comprised the Design and Build of a new warehouse facility of an area approx. 2985m2 with office accommodation, including office fit out and associated service yard and sundry external works.

The scope of work included the following items:

  1. Enabling works and the formation of new access roadway
  2. Groundworks to form substructures and service yard, with new retaining walls to accommodate revised levels
  3. Steel portal frame structure
  4. External roofing and cladding
  5. External and internal doors
  6. Dock levellers
  7. Internal finishes
  8. Mechanical and Electrical installations
  9. Service and drainage connections
  10. Landscaping

Project Value: £2.4m

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